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Why fit a High top roof to your camper?

High top roofs are a fantastic addition to your camper, instantly giving you more storage and enabling you to pull up and step into your van without any faff.

As these are a fixed roof, you don't have to worry about putting your roof down in high winds as you would with an elevating roof. Just sit back and enjoy! 

We can fit High top roofs to most vehicles, please enquire below to see if we can help. 

As of the 21st October 2019 the DVLA require a High top roof installed onto your camper in order to meet the requirements for the "Motor Caravan" Classification.

High top roofs are available in a Black or White Gel coat finish

• All roofs come fully trimmed •

Optional extras you may require include:

Colour coding 

• Windows installed •

• Roof vent installed •

• Standard Partitions •

• Magazine rack with partition •


• Plinth strips between partitions •

• NDC Exclusive LED lighting board •

• Map reading lights with X2 USB charging points •


• Bed boards •

• Awning fitting •


• Solar installation •

If you would like to know more, just drop us a message by hitting ENQUIRE below:


High Top Roof Conversion

- High top roof conversion : Featuring Hyundai i800  -

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